Natural and Organic Skincare - Meet the Nardo Brothers

What made you start a skincare company?

DJ Nardo: In 2008, my 3 brothers and I started concocting organic skincare products in our parents kitchen. Our mission was to inform consumers about harmful ingredients in conventional products and provide a healthy solution.

How did you know what ingredients to use?

Kyle Nardo: When I was younger, my Grandmother took me on a trip to Southern France. I would stand in fields of lavender for hours, admiring the view. There, I learned about the health benefits of lavender many natural healing properties.

DJ Nardo: Over ten years ago, I was doing research with a unique oil that was very difficult to find in the United States. Coconut Oil, which is very popular today, was being flown in from exotic islands to our stove top in the kitchen! 

Danny Nardo: Our first product, Luminous Lavender, was a highly-organic combination of Lavender and Coconut Oil! This intensely-hydrating formula quickly became a popular item for those with dry skin, sun-burn and/or irritated skin. 

What was a pivotal moment in your career? 

Danny Nardo: We sold my brothers car with the last bit of money to our name. Our youngest brother, KJ, told us about a television show, "Shark Tank". The producers immediately called and were shocked that four brothers were able to whip up such an incredible formula. A year later we struck a deal on the show with Barbara Corcoran! Today we distribute world-wide and provide the same great products that were once developed in Mom & Dad's kitchen!

Kyle Nardo: The Shark Tank experience was a pivotal moment in our business. We have heard success & failure stories from this "encounter" and we wanted to approach it from the best angle. When we agreed to the terms and gave Barbara Corcoran a hug, I was on cloud nine. My brothers and I were excited to walk out of ‘the tank’ with a deal. From this moment on, I learned it’s about passion and commitment as an entrepreneur. If you truly love what you’re doing, you will not stop, and you will find some way to push forward. Barbara saw this spark in us and I will never let that fire go out.

DJ Nardo: I have always dreamed of being a professional athlete. It was hard to hang up my cleats in my twenties. I had a severe injury which stopped me from playing, but in my mind it felt like I had given up. Little did I know, that my true "career" was stepping foot in that kitchen and taking a risk with my true brothers. I can't lose with family by my side, that's better than any ballgame I've ever played.