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Nardo's Natural - A Regimen To Remember

A Regimen To Remember

4 Easy Steps - Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet! 

Hello Morning! Time to kick off another glorious day. But before we can head downstairs, we have to fumble around a medicine cabinet that barely closes due to the overload of products bursting out. A skincare regimen should be simple, easy, and effective. If you have too much going on, your regimen most likely isn't the same each morning. How about keeping it simple? Our Four Step Regimen hasn't changed over the years.. why? Because it works AND IT'S SIMPLE! No need to use this product between the hours of 4am-2pm, or that product because the T-zone is oily but the cheeks are dry. Toss it! A skincare regimen designed for all skin types is truly a unique accomplishment and we're proud! Discover Nardo's Natural Fourever Young Starter Kit. Fourever is not a typo! Four represents the four brothers who invented the line and uncovered the beauty secrets to healthy skin. Four also represents the four products included within the starter kit:

All Skin Types - Teens/Women/Men

Step 1: Facial Cleanser. A unique formula infused with activated charcoal to detoxify skin and pull impurities from deep within the pores (non-abrasive & gentle exfoliator). Morning & Night

Step 2: Facial Toner. Designed to balance and calm skin while neutralizing the pH levels of the skin. This soothing formula helps with redness, inflammation and reducing pore size. Morning & Night

Step 3: Anti-Wrinkle Serum. Our night time serum is infused with skin-loving peptides to help with the aging process. This serum targets crows feet, smile lines, and forehead lines. Night

Step 4: Facial Moisturizer. A silky texture infused with the finest organic components. This antioxidant enriched formula provides intense hydration with a hint of hyaluronic acid for skin improvement. Morning & Night

To get more information about Nardo's Natural Fourever Young Starter Kit, click here! ~ As Seen On TV's Shark Tank! 


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