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Young America Adds Nardo's Natural To Board Of Directors

Young America Adds Nardo's Natural To Board Of Directors

NEW YORKMarch 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Danny Nardo, Shark Tank winner and owner of Nardo's Natural, and millennial strategist Gabrielle Jackson, founder of The Millennial Solution and author of "5 Millennial Myths: The handbook for managing and motivating Millennials," today joined the board of directors of Young America, the not-for-profit organization founded to improve the financial literacy of college students and recent graduates.
Young America is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating and inspiring the nation's youth to succeed despite today's still dim job prospects. As the organization continues to grow and support its inaugural project, Generation: Financial Knowledge Development (GenFKD), a peer-to-peer campaign for millennials, business leaders across the nation have joined to help further the organization's mission and goals.
Danny Nardo is the owner of Nardo's Natural, a family-owned organic skincare line he co-founded with his three brothers. They gained national recognition by appearing on ABC's Shark Tank and partnering with investor Barbara Corcoran. With his passion for health and mind for business, Danny has guided and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, students and start-up companies with speaking engagements on marketing and branding.
"I am honored to have a seat on the board of Directors with Young America and I look forward to working alongside a distinguished group," Nardo said. "I am excited to help inspire the future leaders of America."
Jackson is president and founder of the Millennial Solution, a next-generation company empowering leaders to optimize their millennial talent and equipping millennials to excel in their personal and professional lives. Gabrielle is a recognized keynote speaker, corporate trainer and consultant focused on bridging the understanding gap and helping generations work better together.
"Don't let our degrees fool you," said Jackson. "Most millennials were never offered the basic tools to understand personal finance and how the economy impacts our lives every day. GenFKD is an organization that is filling in the gaps for a generation with an epic destiny, and empowering us with the knowledge we need to build a better and more stable economy." 
Young America was founded in August 2013 by Jesse Jacobs and Justin Dent, who recognized the need to lower the barrier of entry to economics for their peers that had recently graduated or who were still in school. The organization, which has established chapters on 25 campuses across the United States through its GenFKD initiative, looks to explain economic policy in an accessible and entertaining manner.
"Together, Danny and Gabrielle bring real-world experience to the Young America board," said Jacobs, Executive Director of Young America. "Their leadership will help us continue to hone our message while ensuring that we're making the best use of our skills and resources."
Young America seeks to expand to three additional campuses in Pennsylvania during Spring 2015 and will launch a new initiative, the GenFKD Speakers Bank, designed to connect students with business and economic leaders, in late March.
About GenFKDGenFKD, the inaugural project of the nonpartisan nonprofit organization Young America, is an educational initiative dedicated to providing 18-24 year old "Millennials" – a group facing record unemployment, massive student debt and a growing experience gap – with the tools and resources they require to help them succeed. Founded in August 2013, GenFKD has student representatives on 25 campuses across the nation. For more information, visit or connect with GenFKD on Facebook and Twitter.
About Young America Young America (YA) is an educational 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping our nation's youth make informed decisions in an effort to better our nation's future. YA aims to move the millennial generation beyond the apathy that has defined it, and instill a passion for change, policy innovation and entrepreneurship.


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