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Ever sit in at a conference and begin to nod off in the crowd? Your eyes slowly close and the head falls forward ever so slightly... then BOOM! You awaken and realize you were dozing off. You begin to do silly things like pinch yourself or shake your legs to get the blood flowing, praying another yawn isn't creeping up on you. All the while... there's a speaker on stage and you have absolutely no idea what they're talking about!
I found myself in this situation so many times and blamed myself for being tired. Then it dawned on me, it's not my fault. The speakers can be full of incredible knowledge but sometimes it's difficult to relay that information to listeners in a fun and engaging way.  
My brothers and I (The Nardo's Natural Brothers) found a way to invite listeners into our speaking engagements, interact with them and make them feel excited to be in attendance. It's a fun session without the sleep induced bullet points, yawny videos or pillow talk statistics. The Nardo's Natural approach is comparable to how our skincare company operates. We get to know the customers aka the audience members and find out what they want to learn. We speak from life experience without holding back. Our mission is to make every member in attendance leave with a smile and a positive mindset. 
It has been a blast speaking to the thousands of students my brothers and I have interacted with, and we enjoy visiting each campus and seeing these young professionals with such drive and willingness to learn. At my ripe age of 29, I am glad to pass along my years of experience to the young minds of tomorrow ;-)
Danny Nardo
Nardo's Natural Co-Founder & Brother Number 3!
 Nardo's Natural Organic Skincare
 Nardo's Natural Bryant University

Nardo's Natural CEO National Conference

 Nardo's Natural Florida State University

 Nardo's Natural University of Florida

Nardo's Natural University of Miami

 Nardo's Natural University of Tampa
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