Nardo's Natural update with Shark Tank on ABC

Nardo's Natural update with ABC's Shark Tank


After Nardo's Natural successfully swam in the Shark Tank, the team was hit by a wave that crashed into the business.  The brothers persevered through a family tragedy, paddled along, and took Nardo's Natural Skincare to new heights. Take a peek at the video below to get an inside look at Nardo's Natural after the Tank.


Check out the video on YOUTUBE.



Nardo's Natural Organic Skincare, A Family Owned and Operated Business! 

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  • Denise

    I just saw the episode in DC tonight in Feb 2018 and thought what nice guys and how great Barbara supported and invested in their business. I was hoping they had succeeded to show the other sharks they were a great investment. So sad to see little brother passed away in the accident but what a great tribute to him to stay going and succeed. Well done to the guys as that has to have been devastating for them. Lovely family and brotherly bonds.

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