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The mission of Next Generation Entrepreneurs is to provide high school students with the skills, inspiration and role models for creating businesses that generate value in the lives of their customers, make the world a better place and provide jobs to the communities.
Company Overview
Next Generation Entrepreneurs is the first program of its kind specifically designed to inspire high school students to develop the skills and perspective required to start their own businesses and create high-value jobs. While there has been a great deal of emphasis on job skills and career development by federal, state and municipal education programs, there has been little done to actually inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs who will create jobs through innovation in the application of science, technology, engineering and math. Next Generation Entrepreneurs fills that void by taking a grassroots approach in cultivating our largest asset, young people.
Background and Description - On May 30, 2012 FairWarning® and the Pinellas Education Foundation, Pinellas County Florida, announced a program titled "Next Generation Entrepreneurs". Next Generation Entrepreneurs was designed collaboratively by FairWarning® and the Pinellas Education Foundation to identify, encourage and educate high school students in the skills required to create their own businesses. Innovation and creativity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will be emphasized.
Specifically, a year-long business plan competition was announced involving students from grades 10 and 11 who will be pr
omoted within the Pinellas County School System. This includes business plan training and creativity workshops as well as mentoring for the winning teams. FairWarning® is sponsoring a $10,000 cash award to the winning team that will be used to start a real business.
A special thanks to Kurt J. Long, Founder and CEO of FairWarning, Inc.
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Danny (Nardo) Mastronardo


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