Winterize Your Skin

Winterize Your Skin

Honestly, if you’re still processing the last 10 months like we are (where did the time go?!) you may be wondering how it’s almost February. Again. You may have forgotten what the calendar says, but we guarantee your skin probably hasn’t. If in the past few weeks, you’ve noticed your skin becoming itchier or you’re reaching for the lotion more, trust us you’re not alone. Winter skin is here (at least temporarily).

We have a few ways to winterize your skin so you can feel soft all season long. 

  1. It’s taken a minute, but we’re finally fans of dry brushing. The dry brushing technique begins pre-shower and is a quick way to exfoliate. Using a semi-stiff brush, you “brush” your skin from the outside in, beginning at your feet and hands and ending at your heart. We can’t say for sure that it’s helping with our lymphatic draining, but we do know that we have a lot less flaking of skin. Two takeaways: Don’t brush too hard, you don’t want to irritate your skin and be sure to only go over each area once. 
  2. After a shower or bath, blot your skin dry—don’t rub. In fact, our trick to the smoothest skin ever is to blot most, but not all, the water from your skin and apply 2-3 drops of Argan oil to your legs and arms, concentrating on your knees and elbows. The moisture helps the oil to blend and your skin will be soft all day. Following up with an extra layer of lotion is optional. 
  3. Keep your skin protected. This is especially important if you live in harsher climates. Bundle up as best as you can, and if your hands and face are exposed to wind, a serum or moisturizer can act as a barrier against the elements.  
  4. Moisturizing at night is sometimes easier said than done. But if you get into the habit of applying lotion every night, your skin will thank you! 

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