Stress-free Skin

Stress-free Skin

Stress doesn't just wreak havoc on your mind, it also affects your skin. But we’re here to help! Below is a roundup of tips to keep your mind and body calm, cool and collected. 

One of the best things to do when you're stressed is to get a breath of fresh air. Even a brief walk can calm and rejuvenate while also getting your blood flowing. Be sure to protect your skin with a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF and a lip balm that also protects like our 100% Pure Lip Balms

Need a quick midday pick-me-up? Our favorite and fastest way to recharge your skin is with a few mists of a soothing toner. Pick one that will neutralize the pH balance of your skin like our Witch Hazel and Lavender Toner. It delivers a burst of moisture and a fresh scent to help keep you calm. 

If you’re spending the majority of the day in front of a screen then you know the stress it can have on your eyes. The delicate skin around your eyes needs extra TLC. Help reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines with a serum specifically targeted for eyes. Our Eye Serum is infused with evening primrose and borage seed to help retain moisture and allows skin to stay supple and flexible.

Our final tip is an easy one—drink a glass of water. Your skin tends to lose moisture when your stress increases, so help it from the inside out. A few calming breaths and a glass of water can make even the most stressful situations a little bit easier.

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