Nardo's Superfan Spotlight: All About Amber

Nardo's Superfan Spotlight: All About Amber

Over the last few weeks, we had the pleasure of getting to know one of our lovely customers, Amber. She is a kind, sweet soul who is the supermom of 2 children. We are so thankful she took the time to answer our questions, so we decided to put together some information Amber shared so you can get to know her too! Not to mention, she has some great self-care tips! 

We were interested in getting to know her daily routine as a busy mom. For Amber, not every day has a routine. Much like most of us during this pandemic, she had to go with the flow whether it was because of school closure or work closures or snow closures. Besides her skincare routine, a few things she has added to her routine are a morning meditation and, in the evening, journaling/grateful diary. Otherwise, her day is centered around being a working parent. 

When it comes to Amber’s alone time and her recommendations for self-care, she is a huge fan of meditation, exercise, and journaling. “The meditation sets up my day, so I am mentally ready for the day.  The journaling helps me get out all the anxiety and frustrations from the day.  It's a way to clear my mind before I head to bed. I also include what I am grateful for in my journaling as there is always something to be grateful for each and every day.” We couldn’t have said it better.

As far as her favorite product, she loves the hyaluronic serum because it allows for makeup to seamlessly go over it. Hydration and a good base? We love it! The Vanilla Body Lotion has done wonders for her skin and she absolutely loves the Charcoal and Green Tea Facial Cleanser because it does a great job at removing dirt and makeup. Her skin feels more even after using (ours too!)

Amber’s perfect day includes spending time with her family, preferably on a beach, with the sun shining brightly! However, you can find her under the umbrella, protecting her skin!

We also got a kick out of learning that Amber does not watch much TV unless it is Philadelphia sports! How cool! She has been reading You Are A Badass (love it) and just recently finished Girl On The Train.

Thank you for your time again, Amber! We loved getting to know all about you, and we also thank you for being such a loyal Nardo’s customer! 

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