Meet Katina: A Nardo’s Natural superfan!

Meet Katina: A Nardo’s Natural superfan!

We recently chatted with Author, Comedian and Nardo’s Natural superfan Katina Corrao to see why she keeps her skincare routine stocked with our products!

How long have you been a Nardo’s Natural superfan: 8 years (and counting!)

First Nardo’s Natural product you tried: Peppermint lip balm

Favorite Nardo’s Natural product: I have 2! The Glow Serum and the Muscle Rub. I use the glow serum every morning to give my skin a boost of radiance. The Muscle Rub, obviously the best at soothing sore muscles, but I also like to apply a little on my skin on nights when my body AND mind need to unwind. The light aroma and cooling feeling combined with a cup of tea is the perfect stress reliever from a busy day.

Skincare routine must-haves: A good facial cleanser is #1. I like to wear make-up, so it’s important for me to use a cleanser that can deeply clean and detoxify my skin.

Go-to beauty advice: Buy quality. I would rather invest in 4-5 good products that I know will be effective rather than have a drawer full of disappointments. 

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