Makeup Bag Cleanout: How to Properly Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup Bag Cleanout: How to Properly Wash Your Makeup Brushes

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! It is time to revive and refresh for the new month & season.

Each new season we love to do a deep clean of EVERYTHING. Though tedious, the feeling a clean space brings makes it all worth it.

It is important to note that the things we use and touch most also have the most germs and bacteria on them. It only makes sense, right? Your phone and laptop, door handles, car keys, light switches, etc. are all places that should be kept clean.

Now, makeup brushes. Heaven sent tools that also make the perfect breeding ground for dust, germs and bacteria. All of the product buildup whether it’s foundation or blush can really harm our faces and bodies. We get it, on a daily basis, most of us may not have the time to properly wash and care for our makeup brushes. Honestly, we’re lucky if we can even get through washing all the dishes, are we right? 

Thankfully, we have a few tips all figured out to leave your brushes and face clean featuring an ingredient that we hold close to our hearts, coconut oil! We love coconut oil for all of its uses, even for whitening teeth! It is something we all have in our home at all times and is easily found at the store. 

Now for the steps to clean brushes- 

First, place a tablespoon of melted/liquefied coconut oil onto your brush bristles. Remember, at certain room temperatures, coconut oil is either a liquid or solid. 

Next, on a piece of paper towel or brush mat or your hand, swirl the brush in circular motions. You should see your products coming out of the bristles. Repeat this until your brush is clean and free from any leftover product. 

Then, run the brush under running water.

Lastly, dry! We have seen and done it all from laying brushes flat on paper towels to leaning them against the mirror upside down to dry. The choice is yours. Either way, keep in mind they will likely need to dry overnight.

That’s all! We hope you enjoyed these tips. Cheers to clean brushes!

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