How to Increase the Longevity of Your Blooms This Spring

How to Increase the Longevity of Your Blooms This Spring

We are so excited for today’s post! To be able to finally plan out floral arrangements around the house or as possible gifts means we will be giving to others indicates that it is finally time for Spring! After the year we’ve all had, some fresh flowers are just what we all deserve. We love the instant cheer they add to a space.

So, how can we make these pretty things last as long as possible you ask? Keep reading for some tips and tricks!

Our first step is one that is often overlooked. That being, cutting one to two inches off the stems! Be sure to do this at an angle because when flowers are sitting in a vase that will more likely than not have a flat bottom, all the flowers won't be able to get all the water they need. Cutting at an angle will allow for better water intake. We do this same angle cut with our facial cleanser pump stems! Also, be sure to repeat this process every few days as needed.

You’ll also want to prune your flowers. This means, removing any leaves that fall below the waterline of the vase. This will prevent bacteria growth as well as make your arrangement look that much better. After this process is completed, we recommend that you check daily for dead or loose leaves/petals to once again, prevent bacteria from forming.

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