How to Achieve the Perfect Pink Lip

How to Achieve the Perfect Pink Lip

We think a pink lip is a universal look and gives your lips a subtly, yet sexy appeal. While you could slap on any pink lipstick or lipgloss, here are some tips that we love to help give our lips that beautiful pink flush—just in time for spring!

First, we exfoliate! Yes, even your lips deserve a good exfoliation. We love to take this opportunity to use our Natural Lip Scrub. It features one of our most beloved products, coconut oil! We reach for this product whenever we want a refresh, and remove all the unwanted dead skin. Pro tip: After you’ve applied the product, use a toothbrush and gently brush over your lips to exfoliate. (A damp towel does the trick, too!) Your lips will be clean, hydrated, with a natural pinkish flush

Next, we hydrate. A swipe of your favorite lip balm is a quick way to add instant hydration to your lips. For a little bit of color with the hydration, we recommend reaching for our Natural tinted lip balm. They all add a subtle hint of color, but Peach Rose is our favorite hue.

Enhance your smile! For a little help enhancing your natural smile, use a lip liner to define your lips, helping to make them appear slightly bigger. Fill them in with your favorite pink-hued gloss (we love our Peach Shine lipgloss) or lipstick, and you can’t help but smile! 

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