Blueberry Benefits 101

Blueberry Benefits 101

Did you know that blueberries have some of the highest antioxidant levels? Those sweet and tangy, poppable berries are full of Vitamin C and K, Magnesium and fiber. 

That inspired us to include them in our Blueberry Charcoal Mud Mask. The detoxifying mask is infused with Bentonite clay and Vitamin B. You can feel the mask starting as soon as you begin to paint it on your face. As it dries, the fresh scent will help you relax and it leaves your skin clean and conditioned.

We also love adding blueberries to our morning routine, too. Danny, Nardo’s Natural Vice-President prefers antioxidants over coffee and is sharing his go-to drink: 

In a mug add a handful of blueberries, a squirt of pure honey and fill with hot water. Let steep and enjoy!

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