5 Reasons You Should Be Buying from a Small Business

5 Reasons You Should Be Buying from a Small Business

We’ve all heard about the importance of supporting small businesses. This message is even more true in the aftermath of the pandemic when small businesses are trying to build back as the world returns to normal. We’re often told to buy from small businesses to support our local economies, and while that’s true, you benefit from shopping with a small business. The experience between purchasing from a small business and a major corporation is like day and night. We’re taking a look at five reasons why you should be purchasing your skincare from a small business like Nardo’s Natural.

  1. Every customer is a priority

Some brands are selling a product every few seconds. When you buy from a small business, you’re making someone’s day. Every customer is a priority for us – from the moment you place your order to the day you receive it and beyond. We want to give you a hands-on experience with our brand. If you have a question about a product or aren’t sure what you need for your skin, our team is always here to help.

  1. Made local

At Nardo’s Natural, our products are produced locally. Not only does it cut down on carbon emissions, but it also allows us to support our fellow small businesses in the area. Keeping production local means that the community benefits from every purchase, just as much as we do. When you buy from a small business like ours, you’re supporting the dozens of other businesses that work with them.

  1. Hand-crafted with care

We’ve all received a product that was not what we expected. Maybe the quality was off, or the texture wasn’t right. At Nardo’s Natural, our products are made fresh in small batches with hand-crafted formulas. Every product is quality controlled and made with care to ensure that you love your product as much as we do.

  1. No harmful chemicals

Most of the products you see from mainstream brands or department stores are packed full of harmful chemicals. Unless you’re a dermatologist or a scientist, reading the ingredients list of a skincare product can be like reading a foreign language. Nardo’s Natural is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand that uses natural-grade ingredients with paraben-free formulas.

  1. Better for the environment

Did you know that supporting a small business is better for the environment? Unlike mainstream brands, we produce our products in smaller batches, limiting waste and protecting our eco-systems. Shopping small is a win-win for everyone!

Thinking of refreshing your skincare routine? Check out our complete product range here and see for yourself the benefits of buying from a small business.

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