5 Missteps when it comes to treating your skin

5 Missteps when it comes to treating your skin

As a skincare company, we focus on the best ways to treat your skin, but we get it, sometimes it’s hard to keep everything in order. So we rounded up the top five missteps people make when it comes to their skin. Don’t fret—it happens to all of us! 

  • Not washing off makeup before bed: Sometimes at the end of a long day, you just want to crawl into bed—we’ve been there. But, fast forward 8 hours. Do you really want to wake up with smudged eye makeup, or the potential of pimples along your forehead? Not to mention the dirt that’s going to accumulate on your pillowcase, it’s enough to keep you wide awake! 
  • The solution: Before your head hits the pillow, please wash your face! Not only will you be cleansing away the day’s makeup and grime, you’ll also be prepping it for a nighttime treatment. Try our fan favorite Charcoal and Green Tea Facial Cleanser

  • Not moisturizing: We get it, you buy a face moisturizer and body lotion but after a few days they just sit on the shelf, until one day your legs are scaly and your face has dry spots.
  • The solution: Keeping up a moisturizing routine (we recommend after a shower) not only keeps your skin soft, but it may help prevent future rough patches (pun intended). 

  • Not wearing sunscreen: Fine lines and wrinkles may be inevitable, but you can help delay the process. Just like moisturizing, a sunscreen routine should be part of your morning routine.
  • The solution: Protect your face and hands with a daily sunscreen application. Aim for products with an SPF of at least 30 and try to find ones that are paraben-free.

        • Not using eye cream: You may be thinking if I moisturize my face why do I need to use eye cream? We hear you, but because the skin around your eyes is more delicate, a targeted approach may help reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that are prone to pop up. This is especially true if you’re sitting and squinting in front of a computer all day (who isn’t). 
          • The solution: A nighttime treatment, like our Eye Serum infused with primrose, is specially designed to help promote skin-cellular renewal and hydration while you're asleep.

    • Not focusing your neck and chest area: If your cleansing routine stops at your jawline, this is for you. What’s the point of having a flawless face if your neck doesn’t match up? Managing your neck and chest, known as décolleté, with a serum infused with Alpha Hydroxy Acids can help to reduce the appearance of aging skin over time. 
        • The solution: Our nighttime Décolleté serum was designed specifically to target this area. Just remember these two application tips: 1. Because of the AHAs, this should be applied at night and 2. Apply in an upward motion as if you’re “lifting” your skin. 
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